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To make a sub-page all you do is add a page in the normal way and then reposition it in the list using the four arrow buttons located to the right of the page list on the Web pages tab.


Take the following page list for example.





Imagine you wanted to add several sub-categories underneath the page Cabin Plans. These sub-pages or sub-categories would cover various different sizes and qualities of cabin plan.


Here's how you would go about adding the first of those pages.



Click on the button_subpages_add button to add a new page.




The New Web page window will appear. Enter 1 and 2 bed basic cabins as your page heading, and then click button_subpages_create_page






The new page will appear in the list. Make sure it is positioned immediately after the Cabin Plans page (use the button_subpages_up and button_subpages_down buttons to do this).




To make the new page a sub-page of the Cabin Plans page, select it with your mouse and then click on the button_subpages_right button. You will notice that when you do this the page will become indented on the list and a small minus symbol will appear next to the Cabin Plans page to indicate that it now has a sub-page.


The page list will now look like the one below.






All of the additional sub-pages can now be added simply by selecting 1 and 2 bed basic cabins on the list and then clicking on the button_subpages_add button. This time the page will be added at the indented level as all new pages are added at the level of the currently selected page.




Once all of the different categories of cabin have been entered you could then set about adding the plans as sub-pages of those sub-categories. That's right! Sub-pages can have sub-pages underneath them and again and again if you so wished.




The page list would eventually end up looking like the one below. You now have a main page which is Cabin Plans, which has several pages underneath it which are all types of cabin, and under each one of those you have a list of plans.





Your Web sites can have an infinite structure of main pages, sub-pages, sub-pages of sub-pages and so forth. This gives you the power to create incredibly large and complex Web sites without having to worry about database programming while always being able to quickly add and edit new pages.

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