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To insert a new form in your Web page (or in one of the panels in your Page Layout) simply right-click in the designer window and select the “Forms Wizard” menu item:





Once you click the “forms wizard” menu option, the forms wizard will load, as shown below:


forms wizard



The forms wizard will be taking you through six steps, each with it’s own tab at the top of the window:





The steps are:


STEP 1: Form Submission Method – Choosing the way in which the information entered by visitors into this form will be submitted to you.


STEP 2: Style – The form template design you would like to work with, in creating your form.


STEP 3: Text – Text values and settings within the form design.


STEP 4: Buttons – Options relating to the form submission button.


STEP 5: Settings – Settings specific to your chosen submission method.


STEP 6: Finish – Finalizing your form design.



Once you have completed the seven steps, above, your completed form will be represented in your page design by a ‘placeholder’. This placeholder has a special attribute in that if you wish to edit your form design at a later stage (to make changes to the settings for example) you may simply right-click the form placeholder in your Web page design, and select “Form Wizard Properties”. This will load the Forms Wizard settings for the form in question, ready for you to make changes. The image below shows the placeholder, with the right-click option displayed.





The reason that the wizard tackles each part of the form design process in isolation is that it makes the whole thing much easier to understand. We’ll look at each tab now, in sequence, in the following sections.

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