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To load the Site Search Form tool, you need to be in the Design tab view for the page (or page layout panel) into which you are inserting your search box. This is shown below.


design tab



The Site Search Form tool is loaded by first right-clicking on the page within the designer window. From the menu that appears, select ‘Insert Other’ and then (from the sub-menu) ‘Site Search Form’.





Once you select this menu option, the following window appears:





The Site Search Form tool is designed to walk you through the four steps necessary to create your form. These steps are split over four tabbed sections to the Site Search Form window – you can see the tabbed headings near the top of the window.





The four tabbed sections in this window are:


Step 1: PHP Checks

Step 2: Search Box Design

Step 3: Results Design

Step 4: Exclude Pages


At any point in the process of setting up your Site Search Form, you can navigate directly to any of these four tabs just by clicking the tab at the top of the window.


The following sections within this topic cover off each of the four steps that feature in the process of adding search capabilities to your site.

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