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Pop-ups are a powerful tool and you should use them responsibly. There are several ways that XSitePro helps you to do this, when creating a new Pop-up.


Most important of these are:


The ability to only launch your Pop-up when specific pages are viewed.

Settings for how frequently the Pop-up will appear.

An ability to prevent Pop-ups displaying, once people have viewed a specific page.

The delay before displaying the Pop-up window (when using pop-ins only).


The sections that follow outline just how easy it is to set these properties for your Pop-ups.



Creating a new Pop-up (whichever sort of Pop-up you plan to use) is a straightforward process using the Pop-ups tool in XSitePro.



If you are not already in the Pop-ups window, launch the Pop-up tool by clicking the Pop-up Wizard button on the Other tab:






From the Pop-ups window, start the New Pop-up wizard by clicking the button_popups_add button.




The Pop-up wizard will appear on your screen after a few moments, ready for you to begin creating your Pop-up.


The screen that appears is split into seven simple sections, each section with its own tab at the top of the window. These tabs are shown below:





As you can see from the image above, the seven tabs are:


Step 1: Basic Settings

Step 2: Window

Step 3: Design

Step 4: Triggers

Step 5: Frequency

Step 6: Stops

Step 7: Preview


This straightforward sequence of steps will guide you through the necessary steps in creating your Pop-up. Each step is detailed in the sections that now follow:


You may navigate directly to any of the seven steps, simply by clicking the corresponding tab at the top of the window. However, it is recommended that you progress, in order, through these seven steps using the button_application_next button at the bottom of the screen, moving one screen at a time through the different parts of the Pop-up creation process. This ensures you don’t inadvertently miss out a step along the way.



These steps are detailed in the sections that follow:

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