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The final step involves assigning images to your ClickBank advert.


cb image search



1. Click the grabimages button. XSitePro will search for the images of your ClickBank product from the product's sales page.


2. You will be presented with a set of images that you can use in your advert. Browse through these images and select the ones you would like by clicking the 'Add image to web page' option. Alternatively, you can add all to web page, add to mgr or donotuseimages by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the window. Click OK to confirm any image selections made.


3. Alternatively, if you prefer to use a thumbnail of the web page for the product you are advertising, click the grabthumb button. Select the image you would like to use and click OK to confirm any image selections made.



Your ClickBank product advert will now be added at the cursor position in your web page. If you selected an image to use, the image itself will appear in the 'Designer' view.

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