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Having selected your product, you should see the following:


step2 - link redirect


Link Settings


1. Enter the text you would like to use for your link in the 'Link Text' text box.

2. Customize font and color settings using the 'Font' and 'Link Color' settings.



Clickbank Account Link Settings


1. Ensure that your ClickBank ID is selected in the 'Clickbank Account' drop-down selector. If you haven't yet linked your ClickBank account to XSitePro, see "Setting Up Your ClickBank Account" for further information.


2. A hop link will be generated in the 'Hop Link' text box. This is the link that will redirect your website visitors to your chosen ClickBank product when they click your ad. For now, click next arrows to set up images to associate with your ClickBank product advert.

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