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An exciting feature in XSitePro is the ability to apply a completely new template design to an existing site, retrospectively.


This means that you can focus 100% on content (if design is not your area of expertise) and at a future point, when you're ready, you can get in touch with one of the many template designers out there and ask that they supply you with a ready-to-use template design that is perfect for your specific site. Then, by following the simple steps below, you can apply your new template in a matter of a few minutes.



Here's how to change your site template design:



To load the Change Template tool, you need to be in the Web site to which this new template will apply. So if you haven't already done so, open the Web site.




Once opened, go to the 'Tools' menu, and from it select the 'Change Template' option as shown below:






Once clicked, this will load the change template window shown below:


template changer




As with selecting an initial template, when creating a new site, the Change Template process requires that we choose a design from the list of available options. To start with you need to make a choice from the available categories - each of which has a button on the first screen:


Sales Letter 1 Templates

Sales Letter 2 Templates

Graphical 1 Templates

Graphical 2 Templates

Graphical 3 Templates

Graphical 4 Templates

Review Templates

User Generated Templates



Note: The template listed by default are those which ship with XSitePro as standard. To apply a custom template, see the section entitled 'applying a custom template to your site'.




Click the category of templates you wish to browse and a window similar to the one below will appear:






The screen above is split into two sections - A scrollable list of templates within this category, on the left of the window, and a preview of the currently-selected template, on the right. Scroll down the list until you find the template you wish to use, then select it (by clicking on it).




The preview on the right of the window will update to show you an enlarged view of this template. If you are happy with your selection, click the 'Ok' button.




XSitePro will now apply this new template design to your Web site in a matter of seconds. Your Web page content will remain unchanged in this process.



That's it - your site is now completely redesigned for you, and ready for publishing.

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