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Buttons are one of the most regularly used graphics in any Web site, and can be found performing the following functions:


Buy Buttons

Submit Buttons

Log-in Buttons

Navigation Buttons

Playback Buttons

Download Buttons


and many, many more.



The great news is that XSitePro comes pre-stocked with literally thousands of buttons ready for you to use.


To access the buttons section in the Clipart Library, you can either navigate to the buttons directory manually, using the Image Library tool, or you can use the direct route below:


1. Position your cursor on the page (in the designer window) where you would like to insert the button.


2. Right-click and, from the menu that appears, select Design Wizards >> Buttons. Image Library will appear as shown below:





3. On the left side of the screen you will see a list of the available categories of buttons. To browse any of the folders, simply click on the relevant directory. The button images will appear in the preview window on the right side of the screen.



4. Select the button of your choice from those listed in the preview window.



5. Adjust the settings below the preview window to suit your requirements. The settings available to you include:


Background color - Using this control you can specify any background color you want as the background to the button graphic. More information on this feature is available in the Image Library section of this manual.



Thumbnail Size - When you're browsing you can specify the size of the thumbnails of the different buttons by selecting from the drop-down provided. The thumbnail size options are:


25 x 25 pixels

35 x 35 pixels

50 x 50 pixels

100 x 100 pixels

150 x 150 pixels

200 x 200 pixels

500 x 300 pixels

1000 x 300 pixels



As you change the thumbnail size setting, the image preview window will instantly update to show you the buttons in your preferred thumbnail size.



Show Image Frame Option - If selected, all buttons displayed in the preview window are 'framed' to make it easy to tell the different buttons apart. Unchecking this check-box removes this frame and sets the image against the background color without any border at all.


Note: Previewing buttons with this 'frame' option activated will not affect the outputted image in any way - it only affects the preview window.



Alt text - If you want to you can enter the Alt-Text for the selected button here, in the text box provided. If you do this XSitePro won't prompt you for the Alt-Text as it normally would when inserting an image.



Web page / URL - In this text box you can enter the path to a Web site (or specific Web page) to which you would like the visitor taking if they click the button you are about to insert.


Either type the full path to the page in question, or click the 'browse' button to the right of the text box. This will load a page selection list for the current Web site. If you select a page from this list the button link will be set for you appropriately.



Open in New Window Option - If selected this option will ensure that if someone does click on the button on your Web page, any resultant Web page called by the action of clicking the button will be opened in a new window. Your site will remain open in the background.



Once you have adjusted all of the button settings to your preference, simply click the 'Insert' button. Your button will then be inserted at the cursor point with the link assigned to it.

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