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Bullets are a great way of emphasizing a certain feature or point. They can be used individually or to highlight several different points. XSitePro not only makes it easy to insert bulleted lists, but gives you a selection of great-looking bullets from which to choose - you can even specify your own bullet image if you prefer, for maximum flexibility.





How to Add a Bulleted List to Your Web page



Right click where you want the list to appear on your page.




Select Design Wizards >> Bulleted List from the right-click menu. The Bulleted List window will appear.






Enter your bulleted list one line at a time in the Bullet Items list, at the top of the window. As you type a bulleted list item a new line will appear below the current line - ready for more list items if required. Keep entering new bulleted list items until your full list is entered.




Select the graphical bullet that you would like to use from the Bullet Image selection. Simply click on the desired graphic and it will be selected.


Alternatively, if you prefer to use your own graphic for your bulleted list, you can simply click the option labeled 'Other', then click the button_bullets_image_browse button, adjacent to that option. From the window that appears you may browse to (and select) your bullet graphic file.




Once you are happy with your bulleted list, and your selection of bullet graphic, click the button_bullets_ok button and the list will be inserted into your Web page at the point where you specified. The screenshot below gives you an idea of how it might look.




Note: Once your bulleted list has been inserted in to your Web page you may edit the text within the list as required.

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