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A breadcrumb trail is the path that you often see displayed in the top left hand corner of the main panel of many professional Web sites. It gives a clear indication of where the visitor currently is on the site and usually includes hyperlinks so that visitors can quickly return to pages farther back in the navigation path that they took to the current page.


Here are a couple of examples.







Breadcrumb trails have three useful purposes.


First, they are a useful navigation aid for visitors. They help visitors to quickly move around your site, which is always a good thing. Rather than having to press the back button several times to return to a previously visited section of your site they can jump to it quickly by using the breadcrumb trail.



Secondly, if you have optimized the page titles of your pages then the breadcrumb trail may help with your search engine rankings. Some search engines pay attention to the number of links on your page that include the keyword and so by including a breadcrumb trail you have a quick and easy way of always knowing that there will be links on every page to the page itself and any pages at higher levels.



Lastly, breadcrumb trails can add a professional look to your Web pages. With just a few mouse clicks you can quickly add this design element to your site and after that you do not have to do anything more as the breadcrumb trail will be automatically included whenever your site is published.



You can add a breadcrumb trail to any (or all) of three different areas on your Web pages:



The Main Panel Header


The Main Panel Footer


The Info Bar


The next page shows you how to add a breadcrumb trail to your web page.

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