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The Banner Rotator script is an useful way of maximizing your use of a particular space on your page.


For example, if you have a single, static graphical advertisement in your page you are effectively giving your visitors only one opportunity to click that advert. By using a rotating banner graphic, multiple adverts are rotated in front of the visitor (changing each time that page is loaded), arguably increasing the chances of at least one of the adverts appealing enough to generate a click-through.


What’s more, each of the banner graphics you select can be linked to a different URL so you can control the actions of each banner too.




Please note, when using this script, that the banners displayed will be resized to 468pixels wide, by 60 pixels high. This is a standard banner size, and by setting your images to these dimensions the script runs visually smoother than were the images different sizes.





Selecting this script from the list of scripts (how), and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:




There are a number of things we must set when using this script, the first of which are the images to be used, in rotation, by the script.


The first tab, in the Script settings shows a list of the images being used (by default this list will be empty).


To add an image to the list, simply click button_widget_wizard_add_banner button.



The following window now appears:





Within this new window, you need to provide the following information:


Image - Add your first image by clicking the button_add_banner_screen_browse button. From the file browser window that now appears, browse to and select (by double-clicking) the image file you wish to use in the rotator. Due to the fixed proportions at which this banner rotator operates (468 x 60 pixels) it is recommended that you use banner graphics of the same proportions for the best effect.



URL - Having selected the image, you now need to enter (in the lower text box) the URL to which the visitor should be taken, if/when they click your graphic as it is displayed on your web-page. This should be in the format (although you should ensure that the path you enter is to the correct page).


If you would like to look-up and use an existing affiliate link, click the button_add_banner_screen_affiliate button. This will call the affiliate links list (more information on which is contained in the section in this manual entitled: 'Affiliate Wizard').


Having set the URL you would like to use, click the button_add_banner_screen_add button to return to the list of banner graphics being used.


Repeat the process above for each graphical banner you wish to feature in this rotator script.



Editing / Deleting entries in the list - To edit or delete entries in the list of graphics, simply click the “edit” or “delete” links respectively.



When you have made these settings, click the button_add_banner_screen_insert button to insert the script into your page at the cursor-point.

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