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The Backup Settings are on the third tab in the Global Preferences window. They can be accessed by clicking on the Settings menu, and selecting the 'Backup' option.





In the Backup Settings section you will see three pieces of information that you can change. These are described in detail below:



Backup Folder:


Change Backup Location - This path is the folder in which your backup file will be stored, when you run a full backup of your projects & sites.


Being able to change the path to a new folder opens up the option of writing your backup to a shared or network folder - a location other than the same physical hard-drive that your XSitePro data is stored on. The obvious benefit to doing this is that, if your hard-drive fails, you will always have a remote backup of your XSitePro data. This is a simple, but very effective policy to employ and could save you hours of frustration in an emergency.



Backup Schedule:


Reminder option - XSitePro features a handy backup reminder feature. The reason that this is so useful is that, even with best intentions, we all forget to backup our data from time to time. When XSitePro loads, if it detects that a back-up has not been run for a predetermined length of time it will pop-up a message reminding you to backup your data.


To disable this feature, simply uncheck the check-box.



Period between reminders - If the reminder option is enabled you can set the time interval after which XSitePro will begin to remind you to back up your data. If you edit your site(s) regularly you may want to increase this to as much as daily (so a 1 day interval value). If you only edit your site now and then, you may want to increase the delay to monthly (say, every 30 days).


The important point here is to set the reminder period to an interval that suits the regularity with which you make changes to your site(s). This way, you are unlikely to lose much data in the event of a hardware/system failure since your backup file will be able to restore right up to the last backup point.

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