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Within the Backup tool, shown below, there is a button labeled ‘settings’ with which you can access the preferences relating to the backup facility within XSitePro.





Clicking the settings button loads the backup settings, within the application preferences screen. The screen shot below shows the settings that we can adjust.





On this screen we can adjust the following settings:



Change Backup Location – In the text box provided you may set a path to the directory in which you would like XSitePro to store your backup files. By default this directory is the folder ‘XSitePro Backups’ in your document folder.


To change the value in this text box simply over-type the existing text or use the button_backup_settings-Browse button to browse to, and select, an alternative directory of your choice.



Reminder Option – If you check this check-box, XSitePro will remind you to backup your XSitePro data with the frequency set in the following option. This reminder will appear every time you run XSitePro.





To disable this feature at a later point, simply uncheck the checkbox.



Period between reminders – If you have enabled the reminder feature, above, you can specify a frequency for this reminder using the number input box provided. Type the number of days you would like XSitePro to wait before reminding you to perform a backup. Alternatively, use the up/down controls to increase/decrease this value by one day at a time, as appropriate.

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