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The XSitePro Audio Wizard will let you insert an audio file that start’s playing automatically when someone lands on a Web page. This makes it ideal for adding background music to a site. Now, a word of warning here. Most sites are not suited to having background music. Few people want to arrive at a site selling advanced computer components and then have to endure listening to Tchaikovsky Ride of the Valkeries, as they try to read the sales information.



What kind of sites is background music suited to?


A good use of background music might be on a meditation site. Imagine you were searching for a meditation class and you stumbled upon a site detailing a class in your local area. As you read through the copy on the page you can hear very quiet soothing music in the background. Rather than annoy you this could well aid with the sales process by putting you in the right frame of mind.


Another use might be on some children’s Web sites. If you’re trying to sell a fun toy for eight year olds and you know that the majority of your visitors are children aged between 6 and 10 (yes, you’d be amazed at just how many children of that age are proficient and active web browsers) audio could be used very effectively. If, on arriving at the page, they are greeted with an appropriately upbeat piece of music that sets the scene for the toy being promoted - for that particular age group, it sure beats arriving at a page where nothing happens.



Three words of warning as far as background music is concerned.


First, make sure that the button to stop the audio playing is clearly displayed. It is not unknown for people to be browsing the web in an office environment and the last thing you’d want to do is have them close the browser containing your Web site just to get the music to stop playing.


Secondly, most sites are not suitable for having background music. Unless your site is particularly suited to having its own soundtrack then it’s best to stay clear of background music. If you know you can use it effectively then go for it, but if you’re in any doubt you’re probably best staying well clear.


Lastly, if you are going to use background music on your site make sure that it is either copyright-free or that you have purchased the rights to use the music. There are many sources on the Internet for inexpensive music of all kinds. It is illegal to just record something from a CD you happen to have and use that as your background music. Yes, lots of people do exactly that, but it is illegal and you would be infringing on someone’s copyright. It’s better to spend a few dollars and purchase something that you have the legal right to use. That way you never have to worry about getting an unwelcome e-mail or letter in the post.

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