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The XSitePro Image Library handles image background colors in a particularly neat way.


The background color feature within the Image Library lets you to choose the exact background color (using the color picker, color name or even a hexadecimal color reference) on top of which the chosen clipart image will be overlaid.


Certain graphical effects like 'soft drop-shadows' and 'blurred edges' are notoriously problematic when designing Web pages with colored backgrounds (and so when inserting these types of images into right/left panels, tables, etc.).


More often than not the image would have a white background, or (if there was a transparency), the pixelated edges (white bits, around the image) would be 'visible' - the below two examples illustrate these two common problems:




The fact that XSitePro can intelligently generate perfectly color-matched images in your page is a real 'plus', and will mean you can achieve professional quality graphical insertions every time.


The second thing to note is that the image that gets embedded into your web-page is actually a brand new image file - a .GIF file with the chosen background color actually part of the image file itself. The image library tool actually regenerates the (clipart/button)graphic with your chosen background color in place of the original color. Again, a powerful feature.


Finally, if this weren't enough, the Image Library intelligently figures out what the current background color is - for the page/panel you're currently working on, and sets this as the default background color to images as you browse! So, if you have a yellow main panel, and you decide to insert an image into that panel, here's what the image library will look like when you load it:





If you then switch to your Page Layout tab and edit your blue right panel, again, the Image Library figures out that you're going to want the exact same blue background for your images - and 'presto!' here's what the image library looks like when you load it:





And remember, as the images are inserted in the respective parts of your site, with different background colors, these are actually self-contained, static graphics (.gifs) now - the colors will match perfectly and the images will blend into the background color.


And that's why this feature is such an useful one for your design elements.

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