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A unique and very useful feature in XSitePro is the ability to quickly split existing Web pages into multiple pages. It allows you create brand new pages almost instantly from work you have already done.


For example:


Imagine you have written an article that is several thousand words long and you want to include this article in your Web site.


You could of course paste the complete article into a single page and leave it at that. The visitor would then land on that page and use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the browser screen to work their way down the page as they read the article.


As far as the search engines are concerned this is a single page with a lot of text on it.



Now imagine you could click a button or two and magically transform that page into ten equal-sized pages. Each of the pages would have page navigation at the bottom to allow people to move to the start of the article, the end of the article, or to a specific page. Wouldn't that be great?


In an instant you have created ten pages from one. You have made it easier for the visitor to browse through your article and you have created NINE extra pages with absolutely no effort on your part.



Using this powerful feature it becomes very easy to create large search engine-friendly sites. Each of the additional pages will include all the appropriate meta-data and will use the same keyword list that you entered for the original page. If you make any changes to the keywords or the page description of that page those changes will automatically work their way through to the automatically generated pages.


The major search engines are no longer favoring small tightly focused niche mini-sites, but they love larger sites of fifty pages or over that are focused on a specific niche. Using the auto-page creation features of XSitePro it becomes much easier to create, to build and manage bigger sites.

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