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How many times have you visited a Web site and come across a really long list that runs for page after page after page. Wouldn't it be better if that list was spread across multiple pages. The visitor could quickly click on a link and be taken to the beginning or end of the list or at an appropriate point in between by clicking on one of the page numbers.


The auto page creation feature is ideal for splitting even the largest list into multiple pages. For example, if you had a list that was 20,000 lines long you could, in an instant, convert that to 20 pages with 1000 lines on each page or even 40 pages with 500 lines per page.


The great thing is that you can change your mind whenever you like. If you initially made the above list into 20 pages and then decide it would be better as 40 you can quickly remove the existing breaks and replace them with your new choice.

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