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When you automatically split a single page into a set number of pages the split will be made at roughly equal points throughout the document. For example, if the page was initially 2,100 lines long and you wanted to have three pages the document would be split somewhere around 700 lines and again and around 1,400 lines. The exact point where the page break appears will depend on where paragraphs start and end so instead of 700 and 1,400 it might actually be, for example, 723 and 1419. However, for this example let's assume it was at exactly 700 and 1,400 pages respectively.


Page 1 = Lines 1 through 700

Page 2 = Lines 701 through to 1,400

Page 3 = Lines 1,401 through to 2,100.



If you then decide that the initial split came too early, it was in the middle of a table for example, you can reposition the split manually to end up with something like the following:


Page 1 = Lines 1 through 850

Page 2 = Lines 851 through to 1,400

Page 3 = Lines 1,401 through to 2,100.



You can also remove a page-break completely. So you could, if you wished, remove the break between page 1 and page 2 completely, which would leave you with the following:


Page 1 = Lines 1 through 1,400

Page 2 = Lines 1,401 through to 2,100.



All of the above is quick and easy to do. You will amaze yourself as to how quickly you can create many pages from a single piece of work.


XSitePro allows you to automatically create page breaks or manually insert them at a place of your choosing. The instructions below will take you through both methods and will also show you how to remove all or just a single page break should you so wish.

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