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Including audio in your Web site can add an extra dimension that can help promote your sales message, provide content visitors can listen to or give instructions.


Over the last few years more and more Web sites have started to include audio. Inserting audio into a page, along with accompanying buttons for playing it, usually requires some fiddling around with code, using third-party tools to convert the audio into an appropriate format, or the use of a paid for service such as AudioGenerator.


The XSitePro Audio Wizard has made the process of adding audio as simple as selecting the audio you want to include, choosing the set of buttons you would like to display on the page, and clicking a button to convert the audio into an appropriate format and insert the necessary code into your Web page.


If you’ve always wanted to have audio on your site or have struggled to do it using a collection of bought-in tools, then the Audio Wizard will come as a very pleasant surprise. It really does make inserting audio so simple that even a complete technical novice can have audio wherever they like on their Web site without any of the technical headaches normally associated with inserting multimedia components onto Web pages.

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