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One of the most effective uses of audio, without any doubt, is as audio testimonials.


The difference between reading a testimonial on a Web site and actually hearing the person say those words is huge. Often words can look flat on the page, but when the person making the testimonial reads them out they come alive in a magical way.


AudioGenerator started the trend for audio testimonials several years ago and their popularity has not died down ever since for the simple reason that they are incredibly effective and really can help boost sales of most products and services.


Now, you might be thinking that because they’re now so popular they really don’t work any more. That the novelty has worn off. The great news is that it is that popularity that has made them so effective. Going back a few years ago many people didn’t think to click on the play button to hear the audio testimonial, but now they know to click on the button to hear the testimonial.


If you have a site with audio testimonials on and you check the statistics you’re likely to see that the number of people clicking on them is as high or higher than when they first became popular.

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