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If the thought of having a pushy audio salesman greet everyone who visits your site then there is another way and that is to use audio as a sales aid rather than as a sales man or sales woman.


A sales aid is like the shop assistant who you need to ask for help rather than the one who dashes over to you as soon as you enter the store.


Audio sales assistants can be used very effectively to add to the copy that already appears on your Web site. It can be just the thing needed to push an undecided potential customer over the edge and convert them from being a browser into a buyer.


Imagine you had a wine site listing a wide variety of wines. Next to a picture of each bottle of wine is a short text description. For many people that might be sufficient to help them to make their purchasing decision, but some people might still be undecided.


Now add audio to the site. Add a piece of audio for each wine that describes in passionate detail the wonderful taste, aroma and pedigree of the wine. Done properly this will be many times more powerful than the sales copy on the Web page. It is one thing reading how good a wine is, but being able to listen to someone takes it to a whole new dimension.


Again, it is important to use the right tone and have the right kind of voice. This will vary considerably from product to product. The kind of voice that is used as a sales assistant for selling wine will probably be completely different to the kind of voice used for selling the latest and most powerful computer chip on the market.

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