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The Analysis portion of the Readability detail deals with the following pieces of information:


Page Word Count - Total number of words on the currently-selected page.



Page Sentence Count - Total number of sentences on the currently-selected page.



Average Words / Sentence - The average number of words in each of the currently-selected page's sentences.



Page Line Count - Total number of lines on the currently selected page.



Page Paragraph Count - Total number of paragraphs on the currently-selected page.



Average Words / Paragraph - The average number of words in each of the currently-selected page's paragraphs.



The reason this information is so important to you is that it is indicative of the complexity of the page content. The more complicated your page copy is, for the visitor to read, the more likely it is that your message will get across.


There are only a few situations in which it makes sense to write your web-page copy in an overly academic tone (e.g. if the content is aimed only at academics, for example!) so on the whole it pays to keep your sentences short and to the point, page copy broken down into digestible paragraphs etc.


There are no 'hard and fast' rules about how many words you can use for a sentence, but as a guide you ought to be thinking along the lines of 30 words or less.


Similarly, while not set in stone, your paragraphs ought to have somewhere around three to five lines.



Ask yourself some questions.


Ask yourself some simple questions to help you assess whether your page's message is getting across clearly, or perhaps if your content needs streamlining:


When someone lands on the current page, what is the objective of that page?


What information does the page need to communicate to meet that objective?


Is there anything on the current page which is not essential to the objective(s) of the current page?


Is there any way that you could simplify the message being communicated by this page?



Asking questions of yourself, like the ones listed above, will train you into thinking more critically about what you're writing on your Web pages. Remember, you only have a brief window of opportunity in which to deliver your message to the visitor before they're gone, so use the time wisely.

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