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Amazon Recommended Product Links are similar to the Self Optimizing Link Advert above, but give you more control over exactly what kind of product appears in the advertisement.


With the self-optimizing advert you have to rely on Amazon correctly analyzing the topic of the page, whereas with Recommended Product Links you get to choose the kind of products (e.g. books, electronics) and the theme of those products (e.g. fishing, gold, classical music).


Where this kind of advert can come in incredibly useful is where you have a site that is all about a certain topic, but for whatever reason you have a page that isn’t being recognized as being about that topic.


For example, imagine you had a site dedicated to structural engineering. You decide to add a new page to that site which is an obituary to a not-so-famous structural engineer called Samuel Adams who lived all his life in Kentucky, and has recently died at the ripe old age of 103. Instead of picking up on the theme of structural engineering Amazon is displaying adverts relating to Samuel Adams Ale, the Kentucky Derby or living to be over 100. Not exactly on-topic as far as your site is concerned. Rather than run with these off-topic adverts you can use the Amazon Recommended Product Links tool to create advertising that is nothing but books on structural engineering.



Launching the Amazon Recommended Product Tool


To insert an Amazon Recommended Product Link in your page follow the steps below.



Click on the Designer button for the Web page in which you want to insert the Amazon Recommended Product Link Advert.




Position the cursor where you want the Amazon Recommended Product Link Advert to be inserted and right click with your mouse.




On the right-click menu select Insert Advertising, then choose Amazon and then select Recommended Product Link.




The Amazon Recommended Product Links window will now be displayed on your screen.




This window has two tabs. On the first tab you will specify what kind of products you want to have in your advert (e.g. books, DVDs, electronics) and on the second tab you will choose how you want the advert to look.



Choosing Products


On the Step 1: Select Products tab, choose what kind of products you want to feature in the advert by clicking on the drop down next to the words Product Line. There are lots to choose from so pretty much every niche is covered.


Here are the options:



Classical Music

Computer & Video Games



Home & Garden

Health & Personal Care

Jewelry & Watches

Kitchen & Housewares


Sports & Leisure


Tools & Hardware

Toys & Games




In the Enter a Keyword field you need to enter a word or phrase that relates to the topic of your site or the specific Web page you are working on.


Be careful what you enter here. If you use too broad a keyword then the items returned might not be tightly focused enough. For example, if you enter the word ‘football’ you could see products displayed that relate to soccer (which is called football in most parts of the world) or you could see titles relating to American football.


Equally, if you are too narrow in your focus Amazon may struggle to come up with anything at all. For example, if you entered the phrase “Magic tricks use elastic bands” you may find that there’s nothing relevant in their range and so they’ll just throw in the closest thing they can find, which maybe completely irrelevant.


All that’s required is a little trial and error. You’ll quickly realize whether you’re being too broad, too narrow, or whether you’ve got it just right.



After choosing your product line and entering your keyword click on the Next button.



Adjusting Settings


On the second tab, labeled Step 2: Settings, you can specify exactly how the advert should look when it is displayed on your Web page. Adjust the settings to meet your needs. Each of the settings is described briefly below.



Advert Size – Click on the drop down to view all the different sizes of advert available. The first number relates to the width of the advert in pixels and the second number is the height of the advert. So, for example, a 160 x 600 advert will be 160 pixels wide and 600 pixels high.



Ad Position – Use this option to select how you want text on the page to wrap around the advert. The options are to the left, to the right, or in the normal flow.



Link Target – Select whether you would like a new window to open if someone clicks on any of the links in the advert. This is useful if you want to ensure your Web site stays open in the background while someone is browsing Amazon.



Amazon Account – Lets you choose which Amazon affiliate account to use for this advertisement.



Price Options – This option lets you choose what pricing information you want displayed in the advert. The options are all prices, only prices for the item when new, or don’t display prices at all.



Background color – This lets you set the color of the background for the advert. If you want the advert to blend in perfectly with your site you will want to set this to the same color as the background of your Web page.



Text Color – This is the color of the non-link text in the advert, i.e. any text that is not a link.



Link Color – This is the color of any links in the advert.

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