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The Product Link style of Amazon advertising is a great way for inserting an advertisement on a specific book or pretty much any other product that appears on Amazon. As long as it has an ISBN number or an ASIN code then you should be able to insert it in your page with no problems at all, and collect affiliate commissions on any sales that are made.



How to insert an Amazon Product Link into a Web page


To insert an Amazon Product Link in your page follow the steps below.




Click on the Designer button for the Web page in which you want to insert the Amazon Product Link.




Position the cursor where you want the Amazon Product Link to be inserted and right click with your mouse.




On the right-click menu select Insert Advertising, then choose Amazon and then select Product Link.




The Amazon Product Link window will now be displayed on your screen.






The Amazon Products Link window is split into two tabs. On the first tab you select the product and on the second tab you specify how you want the advert to look.




In the field labeled Enter Products ASIN or ISBN Code enter the code for the product you want to feature in the advertisement.





The easiest way to get this information is to browse the Amazon Web site. It is important to browse the site for which your Amazon affiliate account was set up. For example, if you joined the affiliate scheme through then you will need to get the ASIN codes from the .com site, whereas if you signed up as an affiliate to then you will need to use the ASIN codes from the site. The reason for this is that the ASIN codes vary from country to country. If you use an ASIN code that doesn’t relate to the Amazon affiliate scheme you belong you will find that either the product doesn’t exist or that the ASIN code relates to a different product.




Finding the ASIN code is very easy. Just search Amazon for the product. When you find the product scroll down the page until you find the Product Details section. This will provide information such as dimensions, model number, delivery restrictions, etc. In that section you will find the ASIN code.





And remember, you’re not limited to books. It could be an electronics device, a CD, a software package – as long as it has an ASIN code you’re good to go.




Click the Find button and XSitePro will access the Amazon database to find that particular product. If you have entered a valid ASIN code and it is found in the Amazon database the product will appear in the preview window.




If it cannot find the product a standard Amazon advert will appear. This is normal. It means that Amazon couldn’t find the product and so has issued a non-specific advert instead.




If the system doesn’t find the ASIN code you are looking for check to make sure you are obtaining the ASIN code from the correct Amazon site and that you have typed it in correctly.




Once you are happy that you have the right product and can see it displayed in the preview window click the Next button.



Adjusting the appearance of your Amazon Advert


On the second tab, labeled Step 2: Settings, you can specify exactly how the advert should look when it is displayed on your Web page. You can also change the Amazon account relating to that account if you wish although, unless you have multiple Amazon affiliate accounts this isn’t necessary.


Adjust the settings to meet your needs. Each of the settings is described briefly below.



Amazon Account – Lets you choose which Amazon affiliate account to use for this advertisement.



Link Type – Choose from Text and Image, Image Only and Text Only. Below is an illustration of the difference between each of these three advert styles.


Text and Image:



Image only:



Text only:




Background color – This lets you set the color of the background for the advert. If you want the advert to blend in perfectly with your site you will want to set this to the same color as the background of your Web page.



Text Color – This is the color of the non-link text in the advert, i.e. any text that is not a link.



Link Color – This is the color of any links in the advert.



Ad Position – Use this option to select how you want text on the page to wrap around the advert. The options are to the left, to the right, or in the normal flow.



Price Options – This option lets you choose what pricing information you want displayed in the advert. The options are all prices, only prices for the item when new, or don’t display prices at all.



Open Link in New Window – Put a check in this box if you would like a new window to open if someone clicks on any of the links in the advert. This is useful if you want to ensure your Web site stays open in the background while someone is browsing Amazon.



Show Border – This option switches the adverts border on and off, which can be useful if you want it to blend in with your site design.



Use Larger Image – There are two sizes of thumbnail that you can use for the product image. If you want to use the larger of these two images put a check in this box.



When the advert is looking exactly how you want it to look click on the OK button to insert the advert into your page.


An Amazon place holder will appear on your page in the exact position where the advert is going to appear. When you preview or publish the page this page holder will be replaced with the actual advert itself, which will come directly from Amazon.


If, after inserting the ad, you are not happy with how the advert looks, you can edit the ad's properties by right-clicking on the Amazon place holder and selecting Amazon Properties.

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