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Imagine you could be paid a commission just for recommending a product to your friends or anyone you bumped into on the street.


Take that one step further and try to imagine that apart from giving the recommendation you didn't have to do anything else – you didn't have to call the company selling the product to place the order with them or deliver the product to your friend. All you had to do was spread the word and sit back. Every time a sale resulted from one of your recommendations you would get a check in the post.


Now wouldn't that be a terrific way to earn a living?


Well, what was described above is exactly how affiliate schemes on the Internet work.


In its simplest form, you put a link on your Web site that takes someone to another Web site where they may or may not end up buying something. If they do buy something you get a share of the revenues and if they don't you haven't lost anything.

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