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The Advanced Tab is the last tab on the Web site Settings window. It can be accessed by clicking on the Web site Settings button on the Other tab, or by the Settings menu.





The Advanced tab lets you deactivate a special feature of XSitePro which prioritizes your main panel content so that search engine spiders pick it up accordingly.



How does this work?


When search engine spiders visit a Web page they read the page source code, top to bottom.


Some pages feature navigation that, due to it's position in the overall page design, precedes the actual page 'body' (i.e the text that you really want the search engines to prioritize) in the source code.


This is not generally a good idea since the higher up the source code, the greater the emphasis the search engine spiders will place upon that content.


To make sure that the content the search engine spiders grab is the most important (i.e. your main panel content) XSitePro uses an advanced technique to ensure your main panel content precedes your navigation content in the eyes of the search engine spider.


This technique is called "Scripted Cell Placement".


While, for 99.9% of users, this feature is absolutely fine and in fact is a great advantage over sites not featuring this technology, in some exceptional cases this feature can cause problems with certain graphical backgrounds and/or certain scripts.


For maximum flexibility, the option is provided, in this tab screen, to disable this feature of XSitePro.



Note: This is not advised unless you have a particularly strong reason for doing so.

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