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Scheduling content is an incredibly powerful and exciting feature in XSitePro. What this means is that using this tool you can pre-write content and schedule exactly when, and for how long, the page content should be published and visible on your site.


Why is this important?


Search Engines use a variety of criteria to evaluate your Web site content and one of those is the ‘freshness’ of your page content. More regularly updated sites generally perform better than similar sites which are not updated regularly.


So, by giving you the power to pre-write, and schedule Web page content XSitePro enables you to keep your site regularly updated, and to improve your ranking in search engine results.


But that’s not all.


While Search Engines are important, this exciting tool gives you an equally important opportunity to tailor your Web page content to your visitors over the calendar year – using this tool your site can appear to be up-to-the-minute at all times thanks to your scheduled content. So, customers arriving at your site might expect to see:


Thanksgiving deals

Halloween Offers

Superbowl One-offs

4th July Giveaways

New Year Specials

And more.


If your site has a strong theme, you might even want to bring some of the key relevant dates into your page content, too.


Using this feature of XSitePro, your visitors will get a fresher, more up-to-date, personalized browsing experience, and this will have a direct effect on the overall performance of your site, in terms of repeat visits and/or sales (if your site is monetized).





To load this tab, within the Advanced Page Settings window, click the “Scheduling” tab.





On this tab we can set six different options:



Always publish this page – Selecting this option will of course mean that every single time you publish this page, the current page (for which you are viewing advanced page settings) will be published to the web. This is the default setting for all new Web pages.



Activate Scheduling – If you select this option the current Web page will be published only in accordance with the date settings on this screen. You will now need to make some changes to the date values, farther down the screen.



Enable Start Date – Checking this box will ensure that the page is only published on, and after, a particular date (see start date value below). It also means that this Web page will not be published before that date.


If you do not check this checkbox, this Web page will continue to be published each time you publish your Web site.



Start Date Value – If you have selected the ‘Enable Start Date’ option you must set the Start Date using this control. As mentioned above, this is the date before which this Web page will not be visible on your site.


If, for example, you selected “20 December 2008” the current Web page would not physically publish to your Web site until 00:00hours on the morning of 20th December 2008.


To choose your date, click the button, to the right of the date value, to launch the calendar tool:





From the calendar tool Pop-up, click the date that you would like to use as a ‘Start Date’ for this page. This will update the date value in the text box, left of the calendar button.



Enable End Date – Checking this box will ensure that the page is only published up to, but not after, a particular date (see end date value below).


If you do not check this checkbox, this page will continue to be published indefinitely (subject to the start date having passed, if enabled).



End Date Value – If you checked the ‘Enable End Date’ checkbox, you will need to specify an end date. Once this date passes, your Web page will no longer be published along with your other Web pages on this Web site.


To select an end date, click the button, to the right of the date value, to launch the calendar tool. Select your preferred end date, and the date value will be set accordingly.



Start Scheduler Button - If you wish to load the Taskbar Scheduler tool (perhaps to set up an automated publishing schedule that will pick up any 'scheduled' pages as they are activated) then simply click the 'Start Scheduler' button.





If you do not wish to make any changes on any of the other advanced page settings tabs, for this page, you should click the button_advanced_page_settings_ok button to save your changes and return to the Page Settings screen in XSitePro.


Note: Until you click this button (even if you navigate to other tabs in the advanced settings window) your changes will not have been committed.

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