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Your XSitePro Web site uses a Page Layout design, described in the Page Layout section of the XSitePro Manual - Book 1: The Essentials.


The Page Layout governs the overall look and feel of your Web pages, at a global level. This makes it incredibly easy to make site-wide design changes at a single place in XSitePro, even long after you initially publish your Web site.


With the Page Layout settings governing your Web pages’ look and feel, there needs to be some way to disregard global settings – and that’s where the Page Settings tab, within the Advanced Page Settings, comes in.





To load this tab, within the Advanced Page Settings window, click the “Page Layout” tab.





Using the settings on this tab we can choose one of the following two options relating to whether or not our Web page adopts the 'global' Page Layout style:



Use Default Page Layout – This setting, the default setting for all your new Web pages, ensures that the current web-page uses the global Page Layout settings.



Ignore Page Layout Completely – Selecting this option will cause this Web page to disregard the global Page Layout settings altogether. The page will then display only what you enter in the design window of your Web page, so your page will look completely different to all the other pages in your site.



If you do not wish to make any changes on any of the other advanced page settings tabs, for this page, you should click the button_advanced_page_settings_ok button to save your changes and return to the Page Settings screen in XSitePro.



Note: Until you click this button (even if you navigate to other tabs in the advanced settings window) your changes will not have been committed.

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