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The Page Layout section of The Essentials manual explains in detail how to use the different panel settings to create your Web site page layout in XSitePro, and XSitePro itself ships with hundreds of great looking professionally-designed templates that you can use too.


This short section is intended to give you a few advanced tips for manually creating great looking site templates that will survive the test of time as well as giving a positive, professional message to your visitors.


The tips in this section are for more advanced users. For those not comfortable with basic design work, there are still many ways in which to create great-looking sites:


You can use the standard page layout options

You can apply a pre-supplied XSitePro site template

You can purchase third-party site templates from a number of sources


If, however, you are comfortable with basic design work you should read on.



The following two sections are covered in this topic:


Advanced Panel backgrounds: Using techniques such as repeating tiles and vignettes to good effect.


Breaking out of the box(es): Creating fluid designs spanning multiple panels



Note: The guidelines that follow assume that you have access to (and some understanding of) a basic graphics design package. If you are not comfortable with this type of design work, or you don’t have access to a design package, you can always stick to a simpler Page Layout, outsource your design work, or even buy a ready-made template from one of the many third-party designers advertising on the XSitePro Forum Marketplace (accessible via

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