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On the first tab of the RSS Feeds Wizard window you will see buttons that allow you to Add, Edit and Delete feeds.





These buttons give you complete control of the feeds in your feed database. They allow you to delete custom feeds that may not be applicable to you, add new feeds that you come across and edit the details of feeds you have previously added. You can’t edit the details for the feeds already in the Feed Database as this will make it difficult for the system to be updated.



Add New Feed button_rss_feed_add


When you click on the Add New Feed button the Add/Edit an RSS Feed window will appear.





Enter the name, url and a description for the new feed and click the Save button.


The new feed will be added under the Custom Feeds category which appears right at the bottom of the feeds category list.





Edit Feed button_rss_feed_edit


If you want to change the details for any of the feeds you have added to the Custom Feeds list, click on the Edit Feed button and the Add/Edit an RSS Feed button will appear.


You can only edit the details for custom feeds, as editing details for the standard feeds within the feeds database would make it difficult to automatically update.



Delete Feed button_rss_feed_delete


If you decide you no longer want one of the custom feeds you have added, you can delete it by clicking on the Delete Feed button.


You can only delete feeds in the Custom Feeds category, as deleting feeds in the main feed database would make it difficult to automatically update.

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