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To add product to our list of products (for which we can insert a PayPal buy now button) we first need to load the PayPal module (if it is not already loaded).



To launch the PayPal Buy Now Button module, first select the Web pages tab in XSitePro, then choose the page into which you would like to insert your PayPal button from the list of Web pages, left of your screen.




With the chosen page selected, select the Design tab on the right side of your screen, to view the page content in the WYSIWYG window, ready for editing.




In this designer window, right click with your mouse at the exact position in your Web page where you would like to insert the PayPal Buy button. This will cause a menu to appear on your screen at your mouse position.




From the menu that appears, select: ‘Insert Advertising’ and then (from the sub-menu that also appears) ‘PayPal Button’.


The menus will resemble these, below:






Clicking the ‘PayPal Button’ option in the menu will load the PayPal module:






From this screen, to add a new product to the product list, click the button_paypal_add_new button.


This button will open the five-step PayPal product wizard, shown below:





This very simple five-step wizard will walk you through the process of entering information, required for your PayPal buy now button to work properly.


The five steps are:


Step 1: PayPal account E-Mail

Step 2: Product Details

Step 3: Success / Failure Pages

Step 4: Buy Button

Step 5: Encryption


If you want to jump straight to a particular step you may do so at any time by clicking the corresponding tab at the top of the screen:




By far the simplest way to work through this stepped wizard is by adjusting the settings on the current screen, then by clicking the button_application_next button at the bottom right of the window. This will take you to the next step in the process. By working through the required settings in this linear fashion you are far less likely to miss anything.

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