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Once you have mastered grabbing banner code from your Oxado account, adding these adverts into XSitePro is a snap.


All you need to do is follow the simple steps below to add your advertising banners to XSitePro, ready for quick insertion throughout your site(s) thereafter.



1. Load the Oxado PPC Advertisement window from the right-click menu, in the Designer window.





2. Having selected the Oxado menu option, from the right-click menu, the following screen will appear:





3. To create your new advert, simply click the 'add new advertisement' button. This will load the following screen:





4. In this screen there are four pieces of information we need to enter:


Title - Enter a suitable name for this advert. It might describe where, on the page you intend to use this banner, or, alternatively, might give a quick guide to the colors you selected when creating your Oxado advert on the Oxado Web site.



Size - When creating your Oxado banner you should have made a note of the dimensions of the banner advert. Select the appropriate advert size from the drop-down list provided.


Simply click the drop-down arrow and pick your advert size from the list that appears (matched to the actual size of the advert you created).



Description - In the box provided you may enter some more detailed information about this particular banner advert. For example, you may want to describe the color, dimensions, planned usage, and so on, in more detail for your future reference.



Code - In this text-box you must paste the actual script code that you generated when creating your banner advert. The script code will resemble the text below:


<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="Javascript" SRC=""></SCRIPT>



Once you have entered the information above, click the 'OK' button to save this advert in XSitePro and to return you to the list of Oxado adverts available.



When you add a new advert to XSitePro, it is added to the list of adverts in the main Oxado screen. The table displays the following information about your individual adverts:


Size - The format/dimensions of this advert


Title- The title you gave this advert entry, when you created it


Edit/View Detail Link - Click this link to view/edit the advert details

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