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To add the details about an affiliate scheme into XSitePro you need to follow the steps below. You should make a point of doing this for every scheme that you join and should also make an effort to keep these records up-to-date whenever there are changes.


Load the Affiliate Wizard by clicking on Tools on the menu bar and then selecting Affiliate Wizard form the drop-down menu that appears.





The Affiliate Wizard window shown below will appear.





Click the button_affiliate_wizard_add button to add a new affiliate. The Affiliate Scheme Details box, shown below, will appear.





In the Affiliate Details window we need to enter the details relating to our affiliate link:



Name – Enter the name of the affiliate scheme. For example, if you have joined the affiliate scheme you would type Amazon in this field.





Basic Link – If you were supplied (by the person whose product you wish to promote) with a simple URL, you should enter it into the Basic Link URL text-box. This is the link that you will use on your site to send people to the affiliate site. Here are a few examples of what basic affiliate address links might look like.



Script/Code – You may have been sent some script/code by the affiliate program, and if so you need to paste it into the text box on this screen labeled ‘Script/Code’.


Usually, links or script/code would both be sent to you by e-mail after you sign up to be a member of the affiliate scheme



Affiliate Admin URL – Enter the URL that you will have been given for the Affiliate Control Panel or Affiliate Admin System (the name varies). This is important as this is where you will go to view reports and make changes to your affiliate settings such as who you want the checks making payable to.



Affiliate Username – In the Affiliate Username field enter the Username that you will have been given by the affiliate scheme administrator. You will need this to log into the Affiliate Admin System.



Affiliate Password – In the Affiliate Password field enter the Password that you will have been given by the affiliate scheme administrator. You will need this to log into the Affiliate Admin System.



Commission Information – In the commission information box you can enter as much information as you like. This might include:


Standard commission paid

Commission variables (e.g. do you get a higher amount if you sell more in a month)

Conditions for sending out a check (many affiliate schemes only send out payment once a certain limit, such as $50, has been exceeded)

Methods of payment that are available (e.g. check, PayPal)



Notes – The Notes field is a place where you can store any other information. You might, for example, want to make a note of the checks you receive from that affiliate scheme.



When you have filled out all the appropriate details click the button_affiliate_wizard_ok button to save this affiliate record into the system.



You will now see an entry for this affiliate scheme in the Affiliate Wizard window and you will be able to quickly add a link to this affiliate whenever you like by right-clicking and selecting Insert Link and then Affiliates while you are in Designer. For details on inserting affiliate links into your pages see Inserting an Affiliate Link into a Web page.

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