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Categories allow you to break your links page up into manageable sections. They also allow you to create multiple links' pages based on the categories that you enter (see Simple Links Page vs Multipage Links Page for more information).


There are many different ways you can split your collection of links into categories.


By Type: Sports Cars, SUVs, Compact Cars


By Age: New Sites, Old Sites, Dead Links


By Rating:  Favorite Sites, Okay Sites, Not recommended Sites


The choice of how you categorize your links is completely up to you and if you only want to have a simple links page you can ignore categorization altogether.






Open the Links Manager window by clicking on Links Page button on the Other tab.




Click on the Manage Links button.






In this screen, in the bottom right corner, you will see a button labeled 'Manage Categories'. Click this button.






The screen that appears is the Categorization section of the links manager module.






When you first open this categorization section, the categories list will be completely blank. On the right side you will see three buttons; 'Create New Category', 'Edit Category' and 'Delete Category'.




Click on the 'Create New Category' button.






A new window will appear prompting you to enter a category name, a description for that category and some keywords for that category.






In the Category Name field enter the name of your first category, Business for example. You don’t need to worry about entering them in any particular order as you can sort the list of categories into order later.




In the Description field enter a description for this category. This description can be added automatically to the top of that category's links page. This description will also be used for the meta data on that category's Web pages (i.e. it will appear in header information that users don’t see, but search engine spiders do) and so could be picked up and used by some of the search engines.






In the Page Keywords field enter a list of keywords and short keyword phrases relating to this category, remembering to separate each one with a comma.






This information will appear in the header of that category's Web pages. It cannot be seen by Web site visitors, but will be seen by the search engines. Not all search engines make use of the keyword list in the header of each Web page, but it is always worth making sure that you have entered appropriate keywords just in case.




Continue adding categories until you feel you have sufficient to start building your links system. You can always return later to add more or to re-sort your list as things change.




When you have finished, click Save to return to the main Links Manager screen.

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