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Click on the Other button at the top of the pages list on the Web pages tab.




Select External Link from the drop down menu.




The New External Link window will appear. In the Link URL field enter the URL for the external page you would like to link to, e.g.




In the Link Text field enter the text that will be used on the navigation menus for this link, e.g. My Other Site News.




Click the Create button.




A new page will appear in the Web pages list with the name you entered in the Link Text field.


Ext Link



If you select this page by clicking on it in the Web page list you will notice that the information on the Page Settings tab is different to a standard page (see screenshot above) as not as much information is required for an external link as for a normal page.


On the Page Settings tab select the menus on which you want the link to appear (e.g. Show on Left Navigation Menu, Show on Page Footer).


If you want details about this external link to appear in your site map put a check in the Add this page to my site map checkbox and enter some descriptive text in the Site map Description.


If you now preview your site you will notice that this external link now appears on the menus you specified in step 6 above. If you click on that link the external page will load.

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