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If the taskbar scheduling module is not already loaded, you may load it from your programs folder in your windows start-menu.


In the taskbar scheduler screen, you can launch the new schedule creation process using the ‘create new schedule’ button:





The new schedule creation window will appear, as shown below:





In this screen you will set all of the different properties that will determine what site is published, and how frequently.


The options available are:


Site Selection – The drop-down selector at the top of the settings on this screen is where you can select the Web site that this task will publish, at the interval set below. Click the Web site selection drop-down button, and a list of all your Web sites will appear. Simply click on the desired Web site name, in the list, to select it.





The list of options in this section of the screen determine the frequency (in minutes/hours/days/weeks/months) with which your site will be published. Your frequency options include:


Recurring Time Interval – Select this option to publish the site specified above on a recurring time-interval basis. Clicking the button_scheduler_time drop-down button will display the options as shown below:




As you can see from the image above, there are seven settings from which you can choose (just by clicking on the preferred menu item). For example, if I wanted my site to publish automatically every eight hours, I would simply select the time interval ‘8 Hours’ from the drop-down list.



Recurring Daily – If you would like to publish your site on a daily basis, select this option. Selecting the daily frequency option activates some additional settings to the right of the ‘recurring daily’ text, on your screen. These options are shown below:





All you need to do at this point, is choose the days upon which you would like the site to be published. Check as many of the days’ check-boxes as you want. Checking all seven boxes will of course mean that your site published on every day of the week.



Recurring Weekly – If you want your site to be published once per week, select this option in the frequency list. Once again, choosing this option activates an additional control – a drop-down box to the right of the option, shown below. This drop-down box contains a list of the days of the week from which you can choose your preferred publishing day.





If, for example, you select ‘Tuesday’ from the drop-down list, your chosen site will be published once every week, on a Tuesday.



Recurring Monthly – To set your schedule so that it publishes your selected Web site only once each month, choose this option. On selecting this option you may then use the date selection drop-down button, which lists dates of the month upon which you would like the schedule to run. The drop-down selection list is shown below:





If you select the value “8th” from the list your site would be published on the 8th of every calendar month.


Note: The list includes values up to the 31st of every month. For those months with less than 31 days, the last day of that month will be substituted automatically for the 31st.


So, specifically, the publish dates would be as follows in the scenario noted above:


January:        31st

February:        28th

March:                31st

April:                30th

May:                31st

June:                30th

July:                31st

August:        31st

September:        30th

October:        31st      

November:        30th

December:        31st



Exact Date – If you would like to publish this Web site on a specific date you may select this option. On choosing this option, the date box, right of the option will be enabled – you can now use the calendar button to the right of the date selector to make your date selection, as shown by the image below:





Timing – Used in conjunction with all of the above ‘daily +’ frequencies (so with the exception of the ‘Recurring Time Interval’ frequency above) this setting allows us to stipulate an exact time of day that the site will be published.


For example, if you have selected the ‘Daily’ frequency option, then you could specify a time of 12:00pm midday, using this Timing setting. This would mean that every (specified) day, at exactly 12:00pm (by your computer’s system clock) the site in question would be published.


This timing feature is particularly useful for setting your site publishing tasks to run late at night, when you are not likely to be using your computer (and so your system resources are freely available).



Note: If you switch off your computer at the end of each working day then you should bear this fact in mind when setting your scheduling timings (the scheduler obviously won’t work if the computer is not switched on, and connected to the Internet at the prescribed publishing date/time).



Tip: Synchronize your automated publishing schedule with the ‘update frequency’ setting in the Search Engine Site Map module. This will score points with the search engines when their bots re-spider your site and find that you have updated the pages you said you would, with the frequency you promised.



Having selected the site, frequency and time for your publishing task, you can commit these settings to the taskbar scheduler by clicking the button_application_ok button. This will return you to the taskbar scheduler list, with your new task now added. Your new publishing task will now run with the specified frequency.

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