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This script will create a text link on your Web page. When someone clicks on that link their browser will add the page to their favorites folder.


This is a very useful tool as encouraging people to add your site, or a page on your site, to their favorites folder will obviously make it much more likely that they will become a repeat visitor.


People often forget web addresses, but once you've been added to their favorites folder your site is just a couple of clicks away from them at any time.







Selecting this script from the list of scripts (how), and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:





There are two things you can customize within the Add to Favorites script:


Title For the Bookmark – This is the name that will be suggested by default when a person clicks on the link to add the page to their favorites folder. When they click on the Add to Favorites Link on your page they will see a window similar to the one below and the text you have entered into the Title for the Bookmark box will appear in the Name field.




Most people just accept the name that has been entered in that box and just click okay, so you need to make sure that you enter something memorable.


Here are a few examples of good bookmark names that you could enter into the Title For the Bookmark box. Obviously, these need to be customized to meet your own specific needs.


Bill Brown - Building Bricks for every kind of job

Bill Brown - Useful Building Bricks Resource

Building Bricks Site (Bill Brown's Site)

Building Bricks


Give some thought to what might make them click on that link in their favorites folder again. If your company name does not make it clear what you do it is always worth including a brief description so that people will remember why they saved your site/page into their favorites.


Be warned. There are several characters which you cannot use in the Title for the Bookmark box. These include \ / : * ? " < > and |.



Text for the Link – This is the link text that will appear on your Web page. The actual text that people will click on to add your site into their favorites folder.


Any of the following brief sentences would be appropriate, although you can of course use anything you want.


Click here to add this page to your favorites

Add to Favorites

Bookmark this Page

Add to Bookmarks

Add this to your Favorites



With the above two items entered, simply click the button_image_gallery_insert button to insert the script into your Web page at the cursor-point.

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