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The Pop-ups that XSitePro creates uses cookies to decide whether or not they should be displayed. Cookies are little pieces of information that are saved to a person's computer during a visit to your site. They are also kept between visits so that the next time that person comes back to the site, your site can remember the necessary information about the user, such as "have they seen this Pop-up before or not?"


Each Pop-up has its own cookie and checks for it before it pops up. If the cookie exists, the Pop-up will not be displayed to the user.


The cookie is created when one of two things happen:



The Pop-up is displayed - Depending on the value you set in the Frequency tab, this cookie will last for a different amount of time before the browser deletes it. The Pop-up will not be shown again until that amount of time has passed. For example, if you set it for Once Per Month then the person wouldn't see the Pop-up again for another month.




A Stop Page is visited - You set these pages in the ‘Stops’ tab. When the page is visited it puts a permanent cookie on the users machine and so the Pop-up will never be shown again as long as that cookie is on the person’s computer. This is not always reliable as users can delete their cookies manually or have them disabled completely. If they delete their cookies then they will reset the Pop-ups – it’d be as though they had never visited your site before. If their cookies are disabled then the Pop-up will display every time they visit one of the triggering pages.



An example of a cookie in action


You have a Pop-up encouraging people to place an order and you set it up so that when the user visits your home page the Pop-up is displayed once per week until they visit your orders page.



Setting on Step 4 (Frequency):




Setting on Step 6 (Stops):





A new user comes to your homepage. The Pop-up checks for any cookies and decides that it needs to be displayed. As it does so it saves a cookie to the user’s machine which will last one week. The user sees the Pop-up but decides not to buy anything and goes away.


Four days later the same person comes back to the site. The Pop-up detects the cookie on the users computer and so isn't displayed. The user goes away, again without placing an order.


The same person returns to the site six days later (which is now over a week since their original visit) and the Pop-up checks for the cookie once again. It will detect that the (week-long) cookie has now expired and so the Pop-up will be displayed for a second time. The cookie is then reset to seven days.


However, on this occasion the user places an order. The orders page updates the existing cookie to say that the person has now visited the order page and also makes it a permanent cookie, which means that this person will never see the Pop-up again until they either delete their cookies or use a different computer.

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