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Auto-responders (also known as list management applications) are essentially lists of names and e-mail addresses, grouped into themes. For example, we might have a list (or ‘campaign’, as some call them) which is for all visitors on our Web site who sign up to a weekly newsletter. Similarly we might have another, separate list for all those visitors who opt to receive a free brochure about one of our products.


The point here is that each of the two lists we have described above have different messages needing communicating. We want to communicate regularly with the Newsletter list, but for the Product information list we are more likely to want to encourage people to take the plunge and buy the product in which they specified interest.


So, what auto-responders effectively allow us to do is to deliver targeted messages to grouped sets of users. And not just one message either. Using an auto-responder we can actually pre-write, and schedule, a series of messages spaced out over a period of time.


Once again, this is a powerful tool since each new person added to a particular list will immediately begin the “schedule” of pre-set messages. Each of the messages, in turn, will be sent out over the predetermined period to that new list-member, maximizing the chances of making that all-important sale. And all of this on ‘auto-pilot’.



So, to recap, in creating a name-grab device using XSitePro and (using the powerful XSitePro forms wizard tool) by integrating our name-grab form with an auto-responder, we can sign up and communicate with new users week in, week out without having to lift a finger.



The section that follows takes a look at how to use the XSitePro Forms Wizard.

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